Balthazar Getty: Still Under Sienna’s Spell?

Dang, that Sienna Miller has some powerful sexual mojo.

Remember the speculation that Balthazar Getty was forging a reconciliation with his humiliated wife Rosetta Millington? And that Sienna had retreated to the Virgin Islands to lick her love wounds?

Well, UK newspaper the Sun reports that Getty and Miller shared an illicit moment at a Southern California supermarket on Sunday.

If the Sun is to be believed—and really, why not?—Sienna hid out in a car in the parking lot of a Malibu Ralph’s while Getty swept the area for paparazzi.

Once the couple was reasonably sure that they weren’t being observed, Miller emerged from the car to share a kiss with her on-again, off-again beau.

Real classy, guys, making out in the parking lot of a supermarket. Hopefully Miller was at least wearing a shirt at the time. For once.

Alas, a passerby recognized the couple and called out Getty’s name, at which point Balthazar “looked nervy” and scurried away.

Balthazar Getty, looking nervy? Judging from his recent antics, he sprinted past the point of nervy some time ago.