Carmen Electra ‘Wanted’ For Mocking Angelina Jolie

Carmen Electra’s starring in another one of those fair-to-middling spoof movies, this one called Disaster Movie.

In one scene, Electra satirizes Angelina Jolie’s gun-toting femme fatale character from her hit flick Wanted. Jolie will have all of France after her when she hears about this travesty!

“When we shot the scene, the movie wasn’t even out yet. We literally just watched one scene in the trailer and sort of spoofed that,” Electra told Us.

Bringing up the rear is Electra’s co-star Kim Kardashian, who says that Angie will enjoy the performance.

Kim’s probably backing Carmen up out of gratitude because she politely passed her a towel after Kim was doused by a drink thrown by Shanna Moakler at Electra’s BBQ.

“She’s going to think it’s hot, because Carmen looks hot, and did it justice,” Kardashian said. “It’s all good.”

Yes, because Angelina Jolie is rushing right out to see Disaster Movie. Oh, Kim.