George Clooney and Cindy Crawford Making Waves

Whoa; no one called this one in the George Clooney Dating Pool.

Still fresh from his breakup with noted humanitarian Sarah Larson, Clooney was on the high seas this weekend. He had some female company with him, in the alluring form of former supermodel, brainiac and nature groupie Cindy Crawford.

The pair spent a few days in St. Tropez, enjoying a relaxing yacht ride and visiting the French village of Eze to drop in on U2 singer and rumored celebrity godfather Bono.

Yes, Crawford’s husband, restaurateur Rande Gerber, was among the merry crew. Perhaps no hanky-panky was involved.

But Gerber better keep his eyes peeled. Clooney’s power of seduction is so strong that even he can’t control it.