Lindsay Lohan Will Kiss a Girl, Just not Katy Perry

Lindsay Lohan recently refused to pose with “I Kissed A Girl” singer Katy Perry for a photo opportunity, Star magazine reports.

Lohan was in Chicago this past weekend, fawning all over girlfriend Samantha Ronson as Ronson DJ’ed the party at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Linds fetched her long, tall pally Diet Cokes, texted her and then made out with DJ Sammy in the booth. Why did she text? Couldn’t she have just turned her head and used her words? Lazy.

Anyway, Leggins’ Lohan was “asked to pose for a photo with Katy, but she said she wouldn’t do it,” a source claims.

Katy Perry’s batting average sucks. She also got dissed by Miley Cyrus over a suggested lip-locking.

It doesn’t make any sense! That should be the theme song for Lindsay’s love affair with Sam!

Maybe Samantha’s the jealous type? Lindsay being snapped with another chick who likes chicks could cast a pall over their gay wedding.