Miley Cyrus and Daniel Radcliffe: Young and Very Rich

Miley Cyrus and Daniel Radcliffe: Young and Very Rich-photo

Forbes magazine claims that teen dream Miley Cyrus and wizardly actor Daniel Radcliffe are tied as the highest paid teens in existence, according to MSNBC.

Both teens took in $25 million last year. That can buy a lot of wigs and wands.

Cyrus, 15, raked in the bucks playing (what else) a superstar tween singer in Hannah Montana, Disney's top rated show. And she sells scads of DVD's, CD's and just about everything she can emblazon her face on—from lunchboxes to bedsheets. Her Best of Both Worlds concert tour alone took in $54 million last year.

She's also the the youngest star to ever have three #1 albums in a two-year span.

Penis flasher Radcliffe, 19, heads up the $4.5 billion Harry Potter movie franchise.  And his contract to star in the last two installments is for $50 million.

Tiny fashion bugs Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were the runners-up, clocking in at $15 million.  And all they really do is drink coffee, smoke cigarettes and attend fashion shows. When they aren't dodging the Feds.

Other kids on the list include the Jonas Brothers and Zac Efron.

Just think of what's financially possible if they could produce a Hannah Montana vs. Harry Potter movie. It worked for Freddy and Jason.



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  • lucky girl
    lucky girl

    hello? Daniel is way richer you know....this list means who who among them earned higher last year...that means they only added all their earnings for that year means that it was back to zero...because if they summed all that daniel have earned from the very beginning of his career miley's money wont be a match...daniel is tagged the richest teenager in the world okay? i aint a fan of the two...just pointing out here...

  • bea

    [quote=tweety cyrus]miley rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love you dear & ur songs opzz really love ur..

  • jesselovemiley

    I think miley is the richest. because daniel started his career in 1999. But miley started her career in 2006. You can see the different. It's totally miley. in just 2 years, miley made $ 25 million.

  • mileysbigfan

    I proudly support Miley! and she's definately way richer 2! look at the BOBW'S tour 54 Million! and danielle is like 4.5 million the difference is an obvious of who's gonna win!

  • tweety cyrus
    tweety cyrus

    miley rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love you dear & ur songs