Miley Cyrus to Supplement Income With Baby-Sitting

Miley Cyrus to Supplement Income With Baby-Sitting-photo

Miley Cyrus taped a performance for Pete Wentz's MTV show on Friday, and revealed her willingness to babysit Pete and wife Ashlee Simpson's impending emo child, Us reports.

"I just met your beautiful wife backstage," the toothy Disney cash cow squealed to Wentz.

"I worship her," Teen Choice Award winner Cyrus continued. "I'll babysit!"

Miley performed two songs on F'N MTV, including her hit single "7 Things."

It's a lovely offer that she's making to the Wentz-Simpsons. But do they really want to come home and find Miley photographing herself in various states of undress and taping nasty videos mocking arch-enemy Selena Gomez?

Someone's going to have to be vigilant about Emo Baby's hourly guyliner application. And Miley's way too busy with her extracurricular activities to be that person.



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  • tori x33
    tori x33

    Pete, do not trust your child with Miley Cyrus. And person above mee! I think i know you from the NDP boards.

  • master0fdisaster

    OOH. If Pete gives his baby to her....I'd choke and die. Why? WHY WHY WHY?!?!?!?

  • Roxy

    Oh please, Miley & her friend Mandy are totally annoying. The show would have been more enjoyable without those two. Ashlee Simpson better be careful about letting Miley babysit...she'll probably be hitting on Pete before you know it.

  • buzzgent

    TRAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Selena FOREVER!!!!!!!!1111!!~!111!!!1