Nikki Blonsky: Punched in the Head

Hairspray actress Nikki Blonsky and former America’s Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden are both up on assault charges for their airport lounge fracas.

The dispute over waiting-area seats resulted in Golden’s mother Elaine being airlifted to a Florida hospital, and Nikki’s father Carl cooling his heels in a Turks and Caicos jail, being charged with seriously injuring Mrs. Golden.

Well, at least the view from his cell must be pretty.

Blonsky’s mother Karen is claiming that Bianca threw the first punch, according to the Daily News.

Nikki was reportedly attempting to save five seats for her family in the lounge when Golden wanted a seat for herself. Karen Blonsky says that Golden reasoned with Nikki by punching her in the head.

Both 19-year-olds will return to Turks and Caicos to face criminal charges.

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