Pam Anderson: Middle-Aged Woman on the Loose

Pam Anderson was pretty hot on Baywatch.

She was last seen being hot on Baywatch 11 years ago, when her character C.J. Parker ended a five-year stint on the syndicated program.

The buxom actress, now 41, has been in New York promoting her new gig on E!’s Pam: Girl on the Loose. And as the Daily Express reports, she’s insisting upon specific camera angles when filming the reality show.

“Pamela is clearly determined to look as great as possible on the show,” says a source. 

“Producers have been informed she has to appear in only flattering lighting—and close-ups on her face are apparently a no-no.”

Pam really just needs to chill. It’s not as if she looks like some craggy, Z-grade burn-out, rapidly aging beyond her years.