Britney Spears: Bringing Sexy Back?

Britney Spears went on a shopping trip in Hollywood Tuesday, and the paps caught her looking almost hot!

Spears hasn’t been the same since she went insane and began styling herself. “Styling herself” as in wearing dirty weaves, ill-fitting tops and the same old pair of boots day in and day out.

Britney’s been trying to get her act together.

Well, it helps that the court has given sole custody of her children to her ex, Kevin Federline, and appointed her father, Jamie, conservator of her entire estate.

Also, she’s been spending hours in the studio working on her next album rather than driving around with scumbags and shopping at gas stations.

Finding a focus for the energies seems to have paid off. She’s almost glowing in these pics.

Keep up the good work, Brit! And tip your father a little extra for relieving you of the burden of free will!