Cindy Crawford Prefers Her Breasts Sunny-Side Up

In accordance with the local Italian customs, model Cindy Crawford doffed her top while sunning herself on a yacht in Italy yesterday morning, no doubt lifting the spirits of local villagers and fishermen.

The model’s sunning moment occurred as she continued her yacht excursion with hubby Rande Gerber and Hollywood lothario George Clooney.

Wow, talk about tempting fate. Despite popping out two kids, the former catwalker’s figure is holding splendidly. Parading her bare jubblies around is probably wreaking havoc with Clooney’s fragile sense of self-control. There’s only so much a man—even a man with an apparent aversion to breasts—can take.

Rande must be entertaining thoughts of throwing George overboard with a cinderblock tied to his ankle right about now.

Enjoy your vacation, you crazy, half-naked kids!