Keira Knightley: Better Acting Through Booze

While plenty of young actors have had negative experiences with the demon drink, Keira Knightley has used booze to her advantage.

The Atonement beauty admits that she knocked back some hooch before auditioning for the upcoming My Fair Lady remake—and the tippling helped her land the role of Eliza Doolittle.

Knightley—who nervously took up singing for her latest project The Edge of Love—says she needed a belt of liquid courage before belting out a tune. “I probably did slur my words,” Keira recalls. “I told [producer Cameron Mackintosh] that would be the only way I could sing in front of everyone.”

There you have it, kids. If you’re looking to break into show business, a slug of spirits can help you through the rough patches.

Oh, and if you’re a female looking to make it big, publicly making out with your gal-pals apparently helps too.