Kelly Rutherford’s Baby Is a Slave to Fashion

Most people name their kids after a favorite relative, actor or sports star. Not so with Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford.

The New York Post reports that Rutherford was overheard telling an acquaintance that she named her two-year-old son Hermés because she adores the Hermés clothing label.

The kid ought to have a grand old time in a few years, explaining to school bullies that he was named after a clothing line that specializes in delicate scarves.

Better sign little Hermés up for jujitsu classes and thrice-weekly therapy now; he’s gonna need both.

If Kelly had to name her son after a clothing brand, Joe Boxer has a nice ring to it.

Oh well; at least she didn’t name him after a random piece of fruit or a misspelled imaginary profession.