Madonna Gives Good Face?

Madonna’s miracle surgery visage graces the cover of New York Magazine. The Madge mug is hailed in “The New New Face” as the prototype for the new 40- and 50-something standard of celebrity beauty.

The author claims that the Hard Candy singer, who turns 50 this month, has defied the notion that “past a certain age, to paraphrase Catherine Deneuve, it’s either your fanny or your face.”

“A yoga body plus the New New Face may not be a fountain of youth,” claims the author, “but it’s a fountain of indeterminate age.”

It seems that the magazine’s fact checkers didn’t have a chance to take a gander at this candid look at Madonna.

Included in the list of female celebrities displaying the qualities of a New New Face are Angelina Jolie (who at 33 is the baby of the aging bunch), Demi Moore and Michelle Pfeiffer.

But let’s not forget that for every successful foray into plastic surgery, there a hundred cautionary tales.