Olsen Twins Burned at Bob Saget Roast

Even though Bob Saget is all about shock value in his comedy routines, the former Full House dad still has a soft spot for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. He’s known the wonder twins since they started on the show as months-old babies.

Bob told the Post that he felt the jokes told about the girls at his Comedy Central Roast went too far. “Anybody who talks about my TV kids—that upsets me the most. I am very protective. I love them very, very much.”

John Stamos who played Uncle Jesse on the family-oriented series, had no problem crossing the line first by throwing out a jab at Saget’s hosting on America’s Funniest Home Videos. “[Bob’s] entire job consisted of saying ‘Take a look at this’ which is what he used to say to Mary-Kate in her dressing room.”

To be fair, twins are probably a sore subject for Rebecca Romijn’s ex-husband.