Clive Owen Wears a Suit!

Whoa; stop the presses!

British actor Clive Owen, who recently finished filming the upcoming flick Duplicity with Julia Roberts, was spotted heading to sushi joint Nobu in London’s Park Lane last night, and…it’s probably best to sit down for this…he was wearing a suit!

Which is astonishing, because the brooding Sin City hunk typically doesn’t wear any clothes at all. Except when he does.

There must be some kind of local regulation in London prohibiting people from dining in public restaurants while nude. Friggin’ Brits and their nanny-state mentality.

Oh well; at least these photos provide rare proof that Clive cleans up well.  The world might never have known otherwise.

Dude probably thinks he’s so cool, walking around fully clothed like that.

And you know what?

He’s right.