Jessica Simpson: Pole-Dancing on the Internet?

Front-loaded Jessica Simpson frequently entertains boyfriend Tony Romo with webcam striptease sessions when the two are apart.

The Sun reports that Jessica has no qualms about doffing her clothing and shaking that asset all across the bandwith for her NFL player.

Is that what abuse does to a girl?

“Jess has no problem showing Tony her favourite Pussycat Dolls routine,” according to a source.

A credit to her modesty, Simpson tries to make sure that the routines are for Romo’s eyes only.

“Jess does get paranoid, making sure Tony doesn’t have any of his Cowboys buddies peeking in on the show.”

You know the whole team is in there trying to figure out how to e-mail one-dollar bills to her.

Can the hackers who keep jacking Miley Cyrus’ softcore pics get some of this footage? Seriously, the comedy value alone…