Katie Price’s Baby Doesn’t Need New Shoes

Katie Price’s daughter is obviously getting her kicks.

The model/authoress/carpet trash/nut case recently told The Daily Mail that her one-year-old, Princess Tiáamii, has more than 100 pairs of shoes in her closet, despite the fact that she can’t even walk yet.

“Anyone who comes into her room says, ‘Oh my God, has she got enough shoes?'” the top-heavy media curiosity admits. “And her clothes are ridiculous. She’ll never wear it all, but I can’t help buying all this stuff.”

From the snooty look on the little brat’s face, it looks like she’s settling quite comfortably into a life of Imelda Marcos-style indulgence.

But since she’s doomed to perpetual embarrassment at the hands of her mother, go ahead and feel a little bit sorry for her.