Lil’ Kim Throws a Killer Party

Man, the bodies just keep piling up around Lil’ Kim.

The Notorious B.I.G. protege and “Lady Marmalade” chanteuse (real name: Kimberly Jones), who spent a year in prison for perjury and conspiracy charges relating to a shooting her friends were involved in, threw herself a birthday party Sunday night.

But for one party-goer, the morning after was a real come-down.

TMZ reports that party guest Ingrid Rivera, who hadn’t been seen since the soiree, was found dead yesterday on the roof of Times Square nightclub Spotlight Live, where the party was held. Rivera had suffered a head wound and other injuries.

Whoa; serious party foul, Kim! What did the bitch do, show up wearing the same dress as you?

Kim could stand to find a new set of friends. The girl does serious time covering for them, and they can’t even stick around to help her clean up after her birthday party? Lamest. Posse. Ever.

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