Michelle Williams Loves Up Spike Jonze

Well, these two have a great track record: Spike Jonze’s ex-wife let the world know what a lousy husband he was in a thinly veiled Lost In Translation subplot, and the father of Michelle Williams’ kid dumped her then kicked the bucket.

Sounds like a perfect match!

Anyway, two week after initial reports of Spike and Michelle’s dizzying romance, it seems the two have been hot and heavy on both coasts.

Spike produced his new leading lady’s upcoming film Synechdoche, New York, which is due out in October.

The New York City-based pair recently upped their lovey-dovey shenanigans at Little Dom’s restaurant in L.A.’s Los Feliz area.

“During dinner they would lean in and kiss each other over the table,” a snitch at the diner tells People. Williams then hopped into Jonze’s lap.

Hopefully their waiter likes to watch. Maybe he’s the one who called People with the tip.