Samantha Ronson’s Birthday Blues

After partying in Miami, Samantha Ronson and girlfriend Lindsay Lohan returned to L.A. for a celebration of Sam turning 31 years old on August 8.

But Ronson allowed the notoriously fickle freckled actress out of her sight long enough to mix and mingle with some stray boys.

As if that weren’t enough, Ronson’s Cadillac DTS has been slapped with a giant orange boot. Samantha’s ride is “dented on all four corners, with lots of body damage and scratched paint.” The boot was placed on the vehicle due to expired registration.

That’s a hell of a party. Ronson should totally cry if she wants to.

Meanwhile, those guys flirting with Linds should realize they’re taking their lives into their own hands.  They might end up like certain unwelcome party guests.