Victoria Beckham Barren: No More Posh Babies

Victoria Beckham has been told by doctors that she shouldn’t have any more kids. Delivery could permanently damage her fashion ready body.

Posh Spice has three sons with soccer maestro husband David Beckham, and all were delivered by caesarean.

Medical authorities have informed her that another c-section could result in an emergency hysterectomy, according to The Herald Sun.

“She wanted to try for a baby after the Spice Girls finished touring,” a source says.

“But she knows she is putting her health at risk if she dismisses the advice of her doctors and has another C-section.”

Is this why she’s unable to crack a smile?

Victoria is reportedly determined to have a little girl that she can dress up in the latest Marc Jacobs offering.

Posh is always up on the latest trends. So why doesn’t she just adopt a child from a downtrodden Third World country? Everyone else is doing it. They’ve got little girls over there.