Benicio del Toro and Catherine Keener: Indie no More?

Benicio del Toro and Catherine Keener: Indie no More?-photo

Actors Benicio del Toro and Catherine Keener were spotted at Green Door in Los Angeles. According to OK! Magazine, "He whispered into her ear, and she listened with rapt attention. He brushed his hand on her back. They had nice chemistry."

After ending her 17-year relationship with ex-husband Dermot Mulroney last year, Catherine's been keeping a pretty low dating profile.

But quite frankly, after being married for as long as she was as a celebrity,Catherine should be allowed to date whoever she wants. By Hollywood standards, she's practically a widow.


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  • unknown

    they are not dating each other

  • Kez

    He's Hot.

  • naz

    ı love beniciooo


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