Chace Crawford Switches Agents

Aryan youth Chace Crawford has left his agents at ICM for greener pastures at CAA. Why? Well, it’s not because they serve the better coffee.

Business Sheet reports that moral compass Crawford, who plays Nate on CW’s slight hit Gossip Girl, signed with CAA in hopes that they could wrangle a higher salary from the CW.

Chace wants to afford that waterfront pied-e-terre in Provincetown next summer to share with Ed Westwick!

The fly in this ointment is CW head Dawn Ostroff.

Ostroff reportedly wants to resist having any one member of an ensemble cast make more than the others.

This sounds like a potential Friends situation. Remember back in the day when they threatened not to return to work unless they got huge raises.

But doesn’t Gossip Girl have to be raking in a Friends-type viewership for actors to start getting greedy?

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