Denise Richards: It’s Canceled?

Oh no, Denise Richards! It sounds like your weekly cavalcade of cathode-ray shrew business is getting yanked off the air!

Star Magazine reports that Denise Richards: It’s Complicated is on the chopping block, due to dismal ratings.

The mag’s source says, “The numbers started out pretty good—just over 1.5 million tuned into the premiere episode. But Denise has turned into an unappealing reality star.”

Turned into an unappealing reality star? They couldn’t have found a more repellent subject for a program if they reanimated Saddam Hussein’s corpse.

Audiences were particularly turned off by Denise’s use of a word that rhymes with runt.

“Viewers were disgusted that a mother of two young girls would use such foul language,” says the mole.

Yeah, that’s pretty bad, but at least she wasn’t tossing around a slur that rhymes with trigger. Unlike some people.

Denise will have to find another way to pay the rent. Hopefully she knows someone who has a little bit of cash on his hands.