Did Jennifer Ansiton Get Lippy?

As she rounds the corner to the big 4-0, Jennifer Aniston is apparently feeling the pressure to stay young-looking and hold onto her younger, fickle mate, John Mayer.

The Daily Mail reports that the former Friends actress is sporting a fuller kisser these days, possibly the result of “a series of plumping injections.”

Is this part of the $100,000 plastic-surgery makeover that Aniston, who may be planning a trip down the aisle with Mayer, was reportedly undertaking?

Aniston’s pals—or at least the blabbermouths talking to the press—seem to think so.

“She had some work done,” offers one Aniston associate, adding that the actress is sporting a “stiff, unnatural pucker that just didn’t fit the rest of her face.”

The pal continues, “She’s obsessing about her face. From the neck down she’s like an Olympic athlete, with great proportion, tone and skin color. But she worries a lot about wrinkles and her thinning lips. That’s what she focuses on.”

Maybe it’s time to start focusing on your inner qualities, Jen—like the self-esteem. That’s not something a surgeon can pump up for you.