Jamie Lynn Spears’s Post-Baby Bounceback

How does Jamie Lynn Spears do it?

She just gave birth to her daughter, Maddie Briann, on June 19. Already she’s in the running for World’s Youngest MILF, looking fit and sassy in her shorts while strolling her bundle of joy in Mississippi.

Seriously, it seems like just yesterday that she looked like this. And now? Fan-tabulous!

Well, that’s one advantage of having a kid so early. Your body is capable of snapping back from anything.

Or maybe she made the same pact with Satan that Halle Berry apparently entered into.

Then again, it could just be good genes. Not too long ago, there were worried murmurings that the new mom was following in her big sister Britney’s footsteps. But seeing how Brit-Brit’s been shaping up recently, maybe that’s not such a cause for concern at all.

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