Jay-Z: Ready to Face Married Reality?

We feel your pain, Jay-Z.

One minute you’re a young, cool single guy, free-wheeling your way through life. The next thing you know, you wake up and realize, “Hey, wait a minute! I’ve been married for four months!”

The stealth newlywed—who’s reportedly considering buying a house in the New York ‘burbs with his new bride, Beyoncé Knowles—took one more step toward acknowledging his married status yesterday afternoon.

While leaving his New York apartment, the music tycoon allowed photographers to snap his pic while wearing his wedding band.

Considering all the dough the power couple has, it’s a pretty modest bit of jewelry. You’d think it would at least spin on his finger or light up or something.

No matter; way to go, Jay-Z! Admitting your marital status is the first step toward recovery. Before you know it, you’ll be taking your gal to the early-bird special at IHOP and yelling at the neighborhood kids to get off your lawn.

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