Joss Stone Is no Church Lady

When she’s not all glammed up on stage, 21-year-old pop star Joss Stone is just your average church-goin’, family-oriented gal. If she can be bothered to make it to God’s house on time, that is.

The Mirror reports that Joss was to be godmother to half-brother and heroin addict Daniel Skillin’s son. Then she showed up to the baptism half an hour late.

Stone refused to read whatever mumbo-jumbo the church gave her. This got her relatives up in arms, says a guest at the sacrament, prompting the classy songbird to call them “old biddies.”

Things came to a head—literally—when Daniel stepped in.

“They were screaming at each other and the next thing, Joss headbutted him. Other family members ran over to break it up and she stormed off.”

Well, Amen. Family feuds seems to be running rampant in Great Britain these days.

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