Kim Kardashian and Carmen Electra Flirt With Disaster!

Attention, Academy members! Might as well write up next year’s Oscars ceremony now. There’s no way a film will come out between now and then that will top Disaster Movie.

Disaster is the latest in a long line of spoofs starring Carmen Electra and, this time out, Kim Kardashian (and her ample posterior).

This flick has everything. Carmen Electra mocking Angelina Jolie’s Wanted role. Meteors falling from the sky. Cows falling from the sky. Bikini-clad hotties.

That sound you hear is Orson Welles trying to claw his way out of the grave so he can make a movie as great as this one. Drown it out by cranking up the trailer clip below.

Three words: Instant. Effin’. Classic.