Nikki Blonsky Learned Her Manners From Her Mama

Last week’s Nikki Blonsky-Bianca Golden family beatdown in the Turks and Caicos island airport just keeps bringing more and more seedy details.

A source describes Nikki’s mom, Karen Blonsky, as “obnoxious and difficult” to E! The spy describes an incident at last year’s Palm Springs Film Festival after Nikki called in sick.

“The mother was in the middle of the lobby, bitching that she didn’t like the food. She said she wanted to go check into a Hilton. Nikki was well enough to jump into her chauffeured Town Car with her mom to go eat at places like Jack in the Box.”

Hey, don’t be knockin’ the power of Jack in the Box. Their OREO Cookie ice cream shake has healing powers ancient shamans would have hurled themselves off cliffs to discover.