Paris Hilton, MySpace’s Chris De Wolfe: Just Friends?

And here you thought the John McCain campaign video reubuttal would be the big Paris Hilton news this week!

Whispers around the music industry claim Hilton is secretly romancing MySpace founder Chris De Wolfe.

Yikes! Does Benji Madden know about this? Or De Wolfe’s wife Lori?

The blonde heiress may have an insipid smile, but never underestimate her drive and business savvy.

The New York Post mentioned earlier this week that Hilton, 27, was at a Bridgehampton mansion rented by De Wolfe, 42, on Saturday night. She was reportedly “interested in discussing her stalled singing career with Sony BMG honcho Charlie Walk as the two huddled in a lavishly decorated Moroccan tent in De Wolfe’s back yard.”

Warner Brothers dropped the fledgling pop star last year. And insiders say MySpace is on the verge of launching their own digital music store, in direct competition with iTunes.

So do the math: Paris + stalled singer career + Chris De Wolfe + music connections/digital download store = Music to Hilton’s ears.

By the way, you’ll never guess the Simple Life star’s #1 friend on MySpace.