Sienna Miller’s Pals Launch Propaganda Campaign

Apparently, the wrath of Sienna Miller’s legal team hasn’t been enough to restore the Factory Girl actress’s reputation in the media. Now her pals are chiming in about her often naked relationship with still-married Brothers & Sisters actor Balthazar Getty.

The New York Post reports that Miller’s posse is coming out of the woodwork to rebut her reputation as a homewrecker. One buddy claims that Getty’s marriage to Rosetta Millington had been long over and that Balthy had “been sleeping on friends’ couches for six months” before he and Miller hooked up.

Really? A successful actor and heir to the Getty oil fortune, reduced to couch-surfing?

Sienna’s camp also claims that the couple’s vacation in Portofino, Italy, wasn’t the illicit lovers’ romp that it appeared to be.

“The photos of Sienna and Balthazar on the boat in Italy? His mother and her mother were the ones sitting next to them,” claims a Miller pal.

Well, sure. Hanging out with your married son and his topless mistress is a perfectly normal activity, right? That’s not creepy at all—by some standards, anyway.

One of Miller’s buds claims that she and Getty are openly “living together in L.A. Everyone knows about her and accepts her.”

Right. Which is why the two have been sneaking around in supermarket parking lots when they’re feeling amorous.

Next thing you know, Sienna will be adding this guy to her entourage.

But hey, at least her friends have her back. Unlike some people.