The Jonas Brothers Have a Credit Crisis

Some celebrities steal fur coats. The Jonas Brothers pilfer credit.

TMZ reports that the virginity poster boys were so thrilled about their victories at this year’s Teen Choice Awards that they blogged on their MySpace page, thanking their fans for voting for them.

So far, so gracious. But wait: One of the awards that they claimed to be especially thrilled with, the Most Fanatical Fans award, was actually won by American Idol runner-up David Archuleta.


Now granted, the Jonas Brothers have some fanatical fans. But it doesn’t seem fair to steal the thunder from Archuleta, who has so little going for him that he’s resorted to dressing like a 72-year-old golfer.

Crafty little cherries that they are, the Jonases have since removed the Most Fanatical Fans reference from their page.

Sadly, the pain created in David Archuleta’s heart by this slight won’t be so easily erased.