Winner Vs. Loser: Britney Spears Beats Kate Hudson

Everyone knows what a tumultuous year Britney Spears has had. Despite the overall hilarity of her antics, the general public is rooting for her to return to being an awesome person to know and love. This week, she really delivered:  

  • Quentin Tarantino can’t get no satisfaction without her as his lead in his new flick.
  • It’s her dad’s prerogative to get Britney back into her skimpy dance costumes.
  • She caused a media storm when she hit the streets of Hollywood, looking almost flawless. 
  • That Sam Lutfi guy is staying out of the picture. Seriously, why was he ever in the picture? 
Kate Hudson has starred in plenty of romantic comedies, but lately her life has been emulating her ill-fated on-screen relationships. Here’s the latest on this single mom
  • She said sayonara to her cycling stud, Lance Armstrong. Or was it the other way around?
  • Then she was spotted making out with her ex-hubby. Duhn duhn duhn…
  • Big dresses, a grocery cart of food, and lots of boys…is she pregnant
  • She was spotted texting up a storm at a tennis tournament. Who knows who the lucky man could be!