Lil’ Kim Murder Mystery Solved

New York City police have identified the alleged killer of Lil’ Kim fan Ingrid Rivera, who was murdered at the rapper’s birthday party Sunday night.

Syed Rahman, a 24-year-old employee of New York nightclub Spotlight Live—where the birthday party was held—has admitted to fatally bludgeoning Rivera in the back of the head with a lead pipe.

According to TMZ, Rivera and a female friend engaged Rahman in conversation during the party. After an apparently inebriated Rivera was bounced from the club for accidentally entering the men’s room, Rahman lured Rivera’s friend onto the club’s roof by telling her Rivera was up there.

Rivera’s friend claims that Rahman then came on to her. When she rebuffed him, Rahman located Rivera outside the club and “told her he could get her back in.”

Rahman—who had worked at the club for four years and had no criminal record—then led Rivera up to the roof of the club in a service elevator. He allegedly has admitted hitting her with a lead pipe inside a utility shed, killing her instantly.

When people point out a guy and say, “He’s a real lady-killer,” that’s totally not what they’re talking about.

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