Has Pam Anderson Stooped to Ron Jeremy’s Level?

These are slippery times for Pam Anderson.  Her peak days as a prime-time must-see in her Baywatch one-piece have slipped deeply into her past. The intervening years have seen Pam followup a mass-marketed sex tape with ex-husband Tommy Lee by engaging in marriages and public relationships with a parade of skeeves and scumbags.

For a while, it appeared that Pam had come full circle and reunited with Tommy, the father of her two children.  But perhaps that announcement was only to drum up interest in Anderson’s most recent reality offering, Pam: Girl on the Loose.

But does a sputtering reality show explain Sunday night’s sighting of Pam and Ron Jeremy at West Hollywood’s Abbey bar and restaurant?

Pam and Ron may not have actually “been together.” But the Abbey is not a large venue. Anybody who’s seen Ron at work knows that he could reach out and touch Pam no matter where she was in the place.