James Franco and Seth Rogen: Movie Buds

From the guys who brought us the genius comedies that are Knocked Up and Superbad, comes this summer’s stoner hit, Pineapple Express, starring the adorable James Franco and hilarious Seth Rogen. If the names don’t ring a bell, here’s some background tidbits on these herbalicious funny boys: 

Handsome and intelligent, James had his big break playing “Harry Osborn” in the Spiderman movies. However, he first found screen time on the TV series Freaks and Geeks, where he first met his Pineapple co-star Seth. The 30-year-old just graduated from UCLA, and will relocate to New York after the summer to pursue a post-graduate degree from New York University. Yes, he’s in this movie! 

Seth has been making waves as part of the Judd Apatow creative team, but he’s been working in Hollywood since he moved from Vancouver at the age of 16. From roles with Franco on TV, to writing for Da Ali G show, he’s got the whole funny guy act down pat!

If this movie is anything like their other hits, get ready for teens across the country to be repeating the movie’s funniest phrases over, and over, and over again.