Lindsay Lohan’s Pap Smear

Lindsay Lohan, suddenly camera-shy?

After a long, fruitful and intimate relationship with the photographers of the world, Lindsay and her disc-spinning lady-love, Samantha Ronson, have apparently tired of the flashbulbs’ glare.

The New York Post reports that the happy couple recently pitched a fit at Miami restaurant Macaluso’s, because someone wanted to take their picture.

According to the paper’s source, “Lindsay and Sam sat down with friends and ordered dinner, when someone who looked like the chef or owner came up to them and asked if they would go to the kitchen. They were so nice, they went back and put on aprons and chefs’ hats and everything. But when the owner asked them to pose for photos, they became furious.”

So furious, in fact, that the usually happy couple left the restaurant before their food even arrived.

Aww; come on, guys—err, gals! You two make such a lovely pair, it’s a shame not to share your image with the world at every opportunity.