Lynne Spears One Step Closer to Pulitzer Prize

Better toss out that family Bible to make room on your bookshelf—Lynne Spears’ highly anticipated autobiography is about to be released.

Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World will tell the tale—as Lynne sees it, anyway—of her valiant struggle to raise daughters Britney and Jamie Lynn right, despite the media’s nonstop scrutiny.

Early reports claimed that the book would dispense parenting tips from Lynne, but those plans were deep-sixed when…well, you know

Through the Storm should be a compelling read, chock full of treasured memories forged between Lynne and her precious snowflakes. The driving lessons. Teaching them how to put on makeup. And, of course, sitting them down for “the talk.”

Now if only Naomi Campbell would hurry up and write that anger-management how-to book….