Paris Hilton, Superhero?

Funnier than a geriatric presidential candidate. More boring than a staring contest. Too skeevy even for Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s…Super-Paris!

Paris Hilton
is working with comic-book legend Stan Lee to develop a cartoon character after her likeness, Benji Madden’s lady-love says.

“I’ve created a superhero with [Lee], which is [based on] me, and we’re doing a cartoon right now with MTV,” Hilton reveals.

Can the world expect to see the exploits of a seemingly ordinary socialite who develops superhuman powers every time she pops a Valtrex?

Time will tell, but in the meantime Hilton knows what super-power she’d like to possess in real life.

To be invisible—that would be fun,” she theorizes.

You know what, Paris? A lot of people would like it if you suddenly became invisible.