Tony Parker, Left Holding the Bags

And here Alan Panettiere thought he was getting disrespected by his woman at Eva Longoria’s restaurant Beso last night.

San Antonio Spurs point guard and Longoria hubby Tony Parker was relegated to carrying purses for his wife and Hayden Panettiere at the same Los Angeles eatery. Parker held the two ladies’ handbags as they walked the red carpet for the Whaleman Foundation Benefit Dinner, hosted by Panettiere.

This could be written off as a harmless act of chivalry, but this isn’t the first time Parker has been loaded down with a woman’s bags.

Tony. Dude. You’re a basketball star. Lugging around someone else’s baggage—even your wife’s—does serious damage to the image of professional athleticism.

You wouldn’t see Shaq lowering himself like this. He’s too busy missing free throws and doing his Godzilla impression.

You should really have a purse assistant. Or pass the task to one of your guests. At least one person at the party would have been better off if he’d had something to occupy his hands.

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