Zac Efron: The Incredible Hulk

If Zac Efron keeps with his daily gym routine and, ahem, whatever else he’s doing, he’s going to crush his little gal pal, Vanessa Hudgens

It seems like new pics of the Chace Crawford look-alike pop up every day, always in gym clothes. The HSM3 star’s arms have grown significantly this summer; so whatever he’s doing is definitely working it’s magic. 

Besides gym visits and daily sprints to his car, Zac gets naturally high on his numerous trips across the country. Just why is he traveling all the time? Perhaps he’s avoiding the inevitable: Vanessa testing out her new album material for him. Or it could be that she wants to take the reigns from Miley

Whatever it is, chill with the weights, man! Work the legs, they need some love too. Especially if this is going all the way to college.