A Ronson Family Moment

Internationally infamous DJ Samantha Ronson, actually wearing makeup and not dressed like The Honeymooners’ Ed Norton for once?

Credit the publishing geniuses at Harper’s Bazaar, who dressed up Sam, her record-producer brother Mark Ronson, and their fashion-designer sis Charlotte Ronson as the Royal Tenenbaums.

Hmm; the Ronsons paying homage to one of the most dysfunctional families in cinematic history? Maybe that’s about right. After all, Mark is largely responsible for unleashing this horror upon the world, Sam is dating a human anaconda, and Charlotte is Samantha’s twin.

Along with the pics, Harper’s dishes the dirt on the famous siblings, from their “bohemian, rock ‘n’ roll upbringing” (their stepfather is former Foreigner frontman Mick Jones) to Ronson’s tabloid-friendly relationship with Lindsay Lohan.

“I’m not going to talk about Lindsay because she’s my friend, you know?” Sam says. “With the Internet the way it is, one second we’re enemies, one second we’re best friends, one second we’re lovers, and then we’re broken up.”

Sammy, maybe you should have a talk with your bro Mark. Some of the chatter seems to be coming from his direction.