Angelina Jolie Borrows ‘Salt’ From Tom Cruise

In what would be Angelina Jolie’s first acting gig since having twins, the mother of six is close to taking over Tom Cruise’s lead role in spy thriller Edwin A. Salt, says E!.

Cruise had been interested, but Columbia apparently didn’t come up with his $20 million paycheck. Cheapskates. What’d they do, give the money to some charity or something?

Now Angie’s on board. They might wanna think about changing the title, though.

Edina A. Salt? Edwina? Enda? Eartha?

Angie will star as a CIA agent accused of being a mole who must stay alive until she’s able to clear her name. Why not call her Jasmine Bourne?

The role makes perfect sense for Jolie.

Angelina’s on the market for another action heroine series since pretty young gymnast Alison Carroll swooped in and took dibs on the Lara Croft franchise.