Britney Spears’ VMA Promos: 50 Seconds of ‘Huh?’

Fueling rumors that Britney Spears may perform at this year’s Video Music Awards—and possibly redeem herself after last year’s spectacular flame-out—Brit-Brit has filmed a couple of promo videos for the MTV ceremony with host Russell Brand.

For some reason, there’s an elephant involved. That may be the least puzzling aspect of the clips, one of which features Britney mistakenly calling Brand “Russell Brown” and laughing maniacally.

Which may or may not be a joke, given that a) no one knows who Russell Brand is and b) Britney’s ability to remember her own name varies from day to day.

Check it out below:


In the other clip, Brand asks Britney to pinch him so he can be sure he’s not dreaming:


Too bad Britney can’t reach through the screen and pinch the viewers. But the Spears family has proved again and again, even the most dreamlike scenario can be all too real.