Brooke Hogan Would Rather Be Locked Up

Betsy Waldman | August 12, 2008 - 5:40 am

It seems the beatings are being served all over the place.

World’s loneliest tanner Brooke Hogan changed her MySpace photo over the weekend and added this tasteful mug shot. Prison-bitch Nick Hogan is probably so, like, impressed.

For someone who whines about intrusive press coverage, Brooke loves attracting attention. Here’s her latest MySpace blog rambling:

“It’s so funny that the smallest thing I do can jack up everyones day…LOL sorry I ruined your little gossip world today people………or did I give you something else interesting to cling to for your boring worlds? :) Stay tuned! I might go shave my eyebrows tomorrow! Lets see what other fun things I can think of…um…. don’t you have a life to live? I know I do! Peace!”

Hey, Brooke knows best. Maybe she could set up a writing workshop with some of her peers.