John Mayer Tempts Jennifer Aniston’s Wrath

Hmm; maybe John Mayer really does consider his relationship with Jennifer Aniston as a simple summer fling.

First the “No Such Thing” singer brazenly admitted that he’s not opposed to hooking up with his female fans. Now it looks like he’s moving on to his opening acts.

Star Magazine reports that at his August 2 concert in Woodlands, Texas, Mayer played a duet with show opener Colbie Caillat, then got a little lippy with the 24-year-old songbird.

“John seemed to pucker his lips as he leaned in to Colbie,” the mag’s source reveals. “She grabbed his arms and turned her head toward him. For an instant, their lips locked. After John kissed her, she threw her head back with a big grin!”
Wow; plastic surgeons all over Hollywood are flipping through yacht catalogues right now in anticipation of Aniston’s reaction to this assault on her self-esteem.

The source adds that, in all likelihood, Jen wasn’t in attendance that night. “If she was, she might have thrown a tomato at the stage.”

A tomato? Please. Given Jen’s mile-wide jealous streak, a hand grenade wouldn’t have been out of the question.