Josh Kelley Distances Himself From Katherine Heigl

Newsflash, Katherine Heigl. When even your own husband says, “I just stayed out of it so I don’t know,” when asked about your rude behavior and alienating comments, you might be a bitch in the wrong.

“I’m just the husband, I’m not the manager,” Josh Kelley tells Us. “I don’t get in her business with all that kind of stuff.”

No rebuttal. No defending her. Geez, why didn’t he just add, “Yeah, my wife likes to put small animals in a garbage can then shoot them with a sawed-off shotgun.”

Living with a chain-smoking lapsed Mormon must be a complete test of will for poor Josh.

He’s gotta be show-biz’s most henpecked husband. Or, one of them at least.

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