Madonna’s Ankle Is Betraying Her

Madonna was spotted at her home away from home, the Kabbalah Centre, over the weekend.

And she was sporting an accessory that indicates her tour could be in trouble—a bandage on her ankle.

Madonna’s injury is so bad that the Centre staff unlocked an elevator for her because she couldn’t hack the stairs.

But did the doctor prescribe those granny-looking bloomers?

Madonna not taking the stairs means that she’s in serious pain. She’s one of the most terrifyingly thin in-shape women in the world.

“The new new face of 40/50″ normally scoffs at elevators and escalators!

Her upcoming “Sticky & Sweet” tour (due to start in October) is expected to be big with the dancing. Hopefully she’ll be healed up by then?

Or she can always sing while riding a giant cross.

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