The Panettieres: One Happy, Slappy Family

Who says Tinsel Town isn’t family values-friendly? Just look at Alan “Skip” Panettiere and his wife, Lesley Vogel—parents to Heroes star Hayden Panettiere. Husband and wife are walking hand-in-hand just one day after Alan was arrested for allegedly laying a few love taps on Lesley.

The loving couple explained the incident on Extra, characterizing the supposed spousal battery as “a misunderstanding.”

As Extra host Mario Lopez—who knows a little about misunderstandings—put it, “In fact, Lesley wasn’t even aware that Skip had been arrested. They love each other very much and want everyone to know that the matter was completely blown out of proportion.”

Anyway, glad to see the Panettieres holding strong in the face of this unfair media scrutiny. Don’t let the tabloid vultures put a wedge between you!